What to wear for river rafting

You've made your rafting reservation, picked out the perfect campsite, and now you just have to pack! So what should you wear for whitewater rafting?

Let’s start from the bottom up. Your feet!

The only thing that we require you wear is some type of shoe, like sneakers that you don't mind getting wet, water shoes, or sandals with a heel strap. Flip flops and barefeet are not allowed.

The middle bits.

Other than that, just wear clothes that you don't mind getting wet in. We recommend swimwear, or workout wear. Fabrics that are moisture-wicking are the best. Cotton and other natural fibers tend to stretch out or get heavy when they get wet. During the cooler spring months, a wetsuit may be recommended. You can always rent these from our shop.

Your noggin.

You can wear a hat if it comfortably fits underneath a helmet. We also have helmets you can borrow with GoPro attachments. Just bring the clip that slides into the mount.

What NOT to bring

You don't want to bring anything with you that you won't want to lose or get wet. Leave your towel, dry clothes to change into after the tour, and your valuables in your vehicle. If you have sunglasses that you would be sad to lose, leave those in your car as well or purchase some chums. We do have a small locker to hold keys for you, but nothing larger.