What's an Inflatable Kayak?

As the water levels are getting lower on the Kern River, we are transitioning into our single and double person "mini-rafts." Also known as inflatable kayaks, or duckies, these are a river guide favorite! We understand that the word "kayak" might sound a little extreme to those that are not familiar with this boat. However, these mini-rafts make it easier for you to navigate the Kern during lower water flows, be more in control of your own adventure, and have more fun!

The bonuses:

Easier to maneuver

Once all the snow begins to melt from Mount Whitney, the Kern River gradually lowers in water flows. Believe us, we would go rafting all year long if we could! At these lower water flows, the bigger rafts will get stuck on rocks that were not there during the high flows. This is why we start using the single and double person rafts. You can glide over rocks, and easily navigate down the Kern.

Control your own adventure

You are on your own in this mini-rafts so you get to be in control! A