Reasons to go whitewater rafting, if you needed more convincing

Adventure: the thrill of a lifetime

If you’ve never been whitewater rafting before, the idea might be unnerving. And we get it. The rushing, unstoppable force of mother nature. “Here that roar of water?” your river guide will say. “That’s the sound of a 20 foot drop.” For a seasoned lover of the river, we know that an important part of the tour is the thrill. The excitement of the unknowns, the rush of being under the mercy of mother nature’s power, and coming out of it all exhilarated. So maybe we exaggerate. Just a little.

Making memories and new passions

Besides the new sense of oneness that is made between you and the river, let’s be honest, it’s all about the camaraderie. Maybe you’re here with your family, friends, or team building with coworkers. Maybe it’s just you and you’re here making new friends. Maybe you’re doing it for the gram! These memories will last a lifetime, and we’re okay with you retelling them anyway you see fit. Just be prepared, adventure can be addictive.

For your health

I was sitting by the Kern recently with my nephew. We’d just got done catching a few butterflies, and were relaxing on one of the park benches listening to the birds and the rustle of leaves. He looks over and says, “I really like the sound of the river. It’s so peaceful.” It’s true, there are studies that show being near a body of water is beneficial to your health. Water makes up a large part of our bodies and our planet. It just makes sense doesn’t it?

What it means to us and what it means to