Family Friendliness of River Rafting

Following this article by Lindsay DeFrates on NRS, let’s talk about the family friendliness of river rafting. We understand that the main question you need to know is if the river is safe for your kids, or maybe you’re looking to take your parents or grandparents along with you. At the very basics, our minimum age requirement is 6 years old and 60 pounds. Little ones need to be able to fit snugly in our life jackets and to follow basic instructions. Older folks should know their own body and limitations. White water rafting is a physically demanding activity with both cold and hot temperature conditions.

The most important thing to do when considering rafting for your family is to know yourself and your kids. Are you an active person? Are your children just as adventurous as you? As much as you want your kids or your parents to enjoy this activity just as much as you do, it’s never a good thing to peer pressure someone into doing something completely out of their comfort zone or physical limitations. Our main goal is to make a tour with us the best experience on the Kern River that you can have.