2019 Season Has Come to an End, What Else to Do in Kernville

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

It happens every year, folks. We are now closed for the season. It's always a sad day, but we are so blessed that this was another awesome season on the Kern. Keep your fingers crossed with us that we have another snow-filled winter. We will reopen in March 2020. Stay tuned on our social media profiles for when reservations for the 2020 season will begin. 

There is always plenty to do around the Kern, even if you aren't on the river. Here are a few options that you'll find us out having fun doing while waiting for next season!

Hike and Camp!

With the immense Sequoia National Wilderness to explore, you can plan endless weekend hiking and camping trips. Check out local resources here for more information on outdoor activities to enjoy while visiting the Kern and surrounding areas. 


The Kern River and Lake Isabella are excellent sources for fishing. You can even take a fly fishing class at the local shop