Zorb Ball Whitewater Rafting Kern River

Last Updated on March 28, 2013

Kern River Zorbing

Zorb Ball on the Kern River you say?! That’s crazy talk! Last Saturday So Cal Rafting took a couple of fun company trips rafting and zorbing down the Kern River rapids. Some friends even drove up from Orange County, California for some Kern River Valley fun in da sun!! It was perfect spring weather for our fun day, 70′s and winds were 0-5mph. We launched two beautiful new green SoCal rafts out on the river. And just for fun, we brought our company Zorb Ball. The Zorb Ball is a giant sphere shaped inflatable, with an inner sphere inside which can contain a person. It looks much like a giant “hamster ball” on the water. When inside the Zorb, running on water, you also feel a bit like a hamster. Zorbing on water was a lot of fun and a GREAT workout! We rafted down the “Lickety Split” run with our guides Lucian and Brandon. Lucian even braved Ewings Rapids in the Zorb Ball!

Zorb Ball Kern River

Lucian in the Zorb Ball on the Kern River.
Photo by: Diana Blackburn

The water temperature was nice. It was not as cold as most of us expected it to be. The rapids we ran are Class I-III. The whitewater was a lot of fun and we all got a little wet splashing through the rapids. Our raft guides did a great job with the paddle talk. We had such a great time and we’re looking forward to seeing you on the water!

green rafts

So Cal Rafting’s first 2013 trip down the Kern River.
Photo by: Lucian Whitman

Our whitewater rafting trips on the Kern River with SoCal start April 15, 2013. We are only one hour from Bakersfield and the Giant Sequoias. We’re a short drive from Los Angeles in Southern California. Reserve your trip now! The rapids and river flows will be at there best in April and May. It looks to be an early season this year, so buy your tickets now for Kern River whitewater rafting!